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Maken Living is a brand from Yogyakarta founded in 2013 by Fauzan and Yuvita. The words "Maken" came from Dutch language means "Make". It explains the activity of its company is making something to beautify their customers' living experience. 
In early time, Fauzan and Yuvita have several products such as cushions cover, placemats, coasters. But now, they are starting to focus on making unique wall decoration, both ready design or custom by customers, and both framed or frameless. 

Maken Living recently has a small team consist of 1 production unit and 1 administration, together they collaborate with local wood crafter to make the frame or wooden plate by using local print shop to print and engraved the designs. They can provide the designs, the service, and of course the quality and the unique of the products.  

postcard from beermat 400gr paper, and then print it manually by pressing using spoon. It's handmade and called Maken Hand-pressed Postcards.

How to find Maken Living?
Maken Living located in Jalan Nitiprayan no. 132 RT 04 Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul - It's a nice village in the southern part of Yogyakarta. 
They rent a house in this village as well for their workshop and office. If you are interested, you could pop in, they would love to welcome you. 

How to buy the product of Maken Living? 
You can come to their showroom yourself or simply buying online through their website : 
For some products photos, go to
Email : 
Phone / whatsapp : +62 813 2223 8770

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