SHOCKS! Quirky Socks Brand from Jakarta

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The Brand SHOCKS! started from a simple idea. We understand that socks is one of the fashion lifestyle and that’s why SHOCKS! born to complete your fashion style until your toe. Fun and quirky are the core of our design ideas. 

We are always trying to fulfill people’s needs, that they are always seeking a good design with high quality product. As the first Indonesian Quirky Socks brand, we are proudly presents SHOCKS! as the first fun socks in Indonesia. ShockS! will always makes you shocked in every collection. We are targeting the energetic young women and men who have a tight schedule everyday to wear SHOCKS! 

Established in 2015, Shocks! has contributing to develope Indonesian Fashion Industry through socks. Graduated from Bunka Gakuen University, Tokyo, Japan - Aras Ratri Kara brought the idea of having a quirky design for ShockS! Collaborating with Swestika Prasetyo who has experienced in Fashion Business for almost 5 years, they brought ShockS! to Indonesian market with amazing designs and ideas. 

ShockS! launched the first collection : ShockS! vol.1 Shock{ing} with 4 designs for men and women (Square Up Your Life, Navy Ivy, Electric Worm, Thunderation). Every design has their own identity and name, based on the colors, shapes, and inspirations. 

We successfully distribute our first collection to Toidiholic (Bandar Lampung) and as well via digital world such as Instagram (@shocks_id) , and Facebook . We have participated in Sabtu Santai - one day picnic and market in Cipete , Jakarta Selatan.  

We also have our digital store on  


SHOCKS! focuses on ‘good quality fabric’ such as 80% cotton and 20% Polyester so they can freely move and walk confidently with SHOCKS!  


For this collection, SHOCKS! available for any kind of size and gender.


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