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First founded in Jakarta in 2009 by Dwi Arlina Avriliawati (LIA), DARADARA is a brand grown with genuine avidity and passion for both Indonesian culture and fashion. 

Our brand yearns to develop a young and stylish generation to come to know the Indonesian culture as well as grow in passion for local textiles, which are sown into modern - casual clothing apparels that are trendy and fun.

With our initial commitment to develop and preserve the Indonesian culture, we started off by producing several clothing designs especially for young girls. We used several textiles such as Batik and Tenun Jepara. The clothing pieces we create are not only made with ethnic and unique textiles, yet we add modern touches to them and incorporate cotton & tulle to name a few. 

DARADARA’s expansion has proved that its collection is not only limited for young girls. The brand now has created new collections especially for teenagers and women. 

Our brand’s signature styles and apparel pieces includes the Batik and Tenun Tutu Skirt that are highly demanded by young girls, teenagers and as well as young women. 

On April 2012, DARADARA received the FEMINA AWARD, nominated as one of the Editor’s Product Choice (Produk Pilihan Editor Femina) at INACRAFT 2012. 

Just as it is written on our tags, FROM INDONESIA WITH LOVE, we surely are presenting to you a love for culture, a love for fashion, and one genuine love to Indonesia, from Indonesia. 

How to buy DARADARA :

Stockist : 
1. Alun-Alun Indonesia (Grand Indonesia, Lippo Mal Kemang Village)
2. Spa baby, Jl. Cikajang no 78
3. Gendhis Bag, Jl. Rigroad Barat, Jogjakarta

Contact DARADARA for all of your inquiries :

WA: +62811862090
email: daradara2009@gmail.com
Twitter: @daradarabajuku
FB Fanpage: Daradara


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