EYEGASM - A Brand With Deep-Rooted Positive Campaign

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Founded in the edge of 2013. Eyegasm is an idealism perspective project from four co-founders. They blur the simplicity of casual modern streetculture and classic style with focusing to privileged the details. 
As a brand with deep-rooted positive campaign, that present throughout their graphics and clothing, whether straightforward in the form of a slogan or message that sourced by what they feel, what they do and what they care that lifted it up by youth’s life and surround.

Inspired by counter cultural movement of 1960s (antiwar movement), The “Counterculture” 2015 collection focus on four main things that are heavily related to counter cultural movement of 1960s, such as : Apathy, Two-V-Salute, Vigil, and Syl. 
As for the Apathy, it tells about the silent majority in a unspecified large majority of people, especially in a country or group, who do not express their opinions publicly. 
While on the other hand, the Two-V-Salute graphics is inspired by hand gesture as a reaction to the fuck sign that popping up anywhere. The inverse of fuck hand sign or they name it The Two-V-Salute is a hand gesture which the middle fingers are clenched, while the other fingers are raised.
Two-V-Salute means “V” for peace and “V” for victory, overall this hand gesture has a philosophy, Peace for Victory. 
The third focus, Vigil or the Silent Vigil is inspired by a social protest as opposed to an active protest or lobby. Folks gather in silence to support something. A silent vigil is visibly peaceful and mindful. 
And for the last, Syl is acronym for Snooze You Loose, a popular idiom in 1960s. It means that If you wait for a long time in making any change, war is gonna make you as a loser. Last word, creating your own culture when you are dissatisfied with the culture that is made for you.

Through this new collection, Eyegasm would bring a different thing. So it's not about a-DESIGN-PRINT-SELL-GOT THE MONEY thing, they want more than that! 
Every design made should have specific stories or messages to society. At least they take part as a changers in society mindset. As what they've done in counterculture collection, they remind people to not to stay at the same place if we want a change. Do something! Give an action! The peace one, don’t make any decision postponed, snooze you loose. "We're always going to bring you positive propaganda!"

How to buy EYEGASM ?

Visit their website : www.eyegasmstuff.tumblr.com and follow their Instagram account @eyegasmstuff to seek the complete collection and philosophy behind the collection, and for order and inquiries, simply contact at :

Text/WA         : +6287778886694

Bbm                : 52361CD7

Line                 : eyegasmstuff

Email               : eyegasmstuff@gmail.com


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