SVAS Living "A Prelude to Ruang Tidur"

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Created under direct creative supervision of Svas Living, RUANG TIDUR provides you with a series of lounge wear and living products that will give your sleeping space that one-of-a-kind, touch of Indonesian heritage.

Proud of the culture and  proud to feature kain tenun as one of the vocal elements that is greatly echoed throughout the collection. SVAS LIVING consider this traditional piece as a prominent part of our heritage, and want to make kain tenun current by giving it a touch of modernity which better suits the young.

A sleeping space is equivalent to an oasis that provides one with tranquility and ease. It should be the most personal space one might have at home and it should be filled with things that are close to the heart. 
Keeping comfort and premium class quality as their top priorities, SVAS Living is  very strict on selecting fabrics that they use in the collection.
The linens are soft and light, while the tenun fabrics are weaved by our skillful craftsmen using only the best organic wool and cotton threads.The careful design and assemble each of the products since they are meant to give your sleeping space the warmth and comfort, as well as the distinctive character it deserves.

From lounge wear to formal wear, Ruang Tidur sleeping apparel can be quite dashing worn outside of your bedroom. From kimono, camisole, shorts, boxers and sleeping eye-cover to home slippers, all of our products are comfortable enough to ease you into deep sleep, but stylish enough to be worn while lounging at the hippest café around town. 
Taking cue from Greta Garbo and Loulou de la Falaise, there is something undeniably chic about showing up in perfectly tailored lounge wear. Fashion has been all about comfort lately and our lounge wear is the best fit to look slinky and carelessly free in and out of your sleeping space.

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