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Fairden started to solve a problem. And that problem is the inefficiency of Indonesia’s fashion retail industry. The trend which exists today in fashion retail industry encourages people to choose between over-priced high quality items and low-quality cheap items. 
As a seller, the choice is either to disrespect their intelligence or to disrespecting their looks. 

To create a better choice and a better way, Fairden was built as a return to the fundamental: 

Modern Articles, Fair Prices

Fairden finds that most business processes in Indonesia’s online fashion industry are still ineffective. Most bootstrap start-ups started with an online presence and ended with an offline presence and others sell their items through 3rd parties both online and offline. 
It is now no secret that physical store expenses, wholesalers and 3rd parties’ markups are the main cause of high prices. Especially, the 3rd parties’ markups. 

Inspired by the lessons taught by various e-commerce 2.0 start-ups, Fairden aims to cut all those components and thus providing items at better value by being online only.

As for design, Fairden loves simple and essential designs. They are timeless, versatile and easy to wear on any given day. They are both vintage and modern. And most importantly, they are for everyone. These are the basis of all the designs.

Fairden never aim to follow a trend. They never aim to re-define fashion. Tastes are relatives and maybe their taste could resonate with a lot of people. 
This is not a movement of being the most fashionable brand. This is a small dedication to people who know they shouldn’t have to overpay for quality modern basics.

How to buy FAIRDEN?

Text/Whatsapp: +62-818-0642-8663 


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