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Batik is a form of art and craft with an old-age history - of Indonesia as a country, its people, culture and acculturation. Women and men before us, with their artistry had weaved together philosophy and culture of their time by crafting their stories onto a piece of fabric. Keraton inspired motif, Peranakan, Dutch colonial, Japanese Hokokai to the beautiful elements of coastal living. Time has shown us how versatile batik is. In batik, we find reflection of lives, then and now. 

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To preserve such heritage, it is crucial to conserve traditional classic pattern as well as to develop new ones in relation to today's life. What equally important is the zeal in finding creative ways to apply batik in our lifestyle. 

And that is the driving force behind the birth of BatikSocial: the love for batik and passion for design. We believe that good design is only good when it possess both functional quality and aesthetically pleasing.

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It is pure joy for us to be able to work with talented team of women--group of old women who knit our batik+knit scarf and a young woman with great sense for leather making--in creating products for our customers where we hope bringing them the same joy.

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  1. I'm in love with the mail man batik bag. Hahaha.


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