CUCA Yoga Inspired Activewear

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CUCA (ku - ka)

Our name is derived from Kuka, the Incan Goddess of Happiness and Well-Being.

CUCA is a yoga-inspired  equipment company infused with the passion of people who strive for high-performance, affordable, eco-friendly products, to empower you to get in touch with your inner-self.

How It Started: Making it Right!

CUCA was established on July 1st 2012 by Priscilla Aliwarga, a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher, out of her desire to create the ideal yoga mat: slip-proof without stickiness, made from aseptic materials yet completely biodegradable, beautiful yet unpretentious, and affordable.

Practicing yoga since 2002, Priscilla had been disappointed by the selection of yoga mats available in the market; proper yoga mat comes at a very steep price while the only other alternative are mats with poor-workmanship that post serious risks of injury. Her disappointment compounded when most of her students would opt for the later because they were put-off by the high price point of the available proper yoga mat.

Thus Priscilla decided to create an alternative!

CUCA Eco-Care Yoga Mat: Form Follows Function

With a distinct set of specifications in mind, CUCA stroke a partnership with a renowned material research foundation, and set out to harness modern technology in order to create the ideal yoga mat. Thick enough for comfort and support but light enough to be easily carried. Long enough for tall and short practitioners alike. Produced from material with a strong enough grip to ensure both safety and stability. Cutting-edge thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) fabric that stays clean after repeated uses and eventually biodegrades to ensure the health of the planet.

A yoga mat designed for people who truly love yoga and the yoga lifestyle.

The Early Struggles: Educating the Market, Convincing Major Distributors

After its inception, CUCA was quickly adopted by the yoga community in Indonesia; selected to be the yoga mat partner of Jakarta Namaste Festival & various events hosted by Fitness First, selected as the yoga mat choice for the W Hotel Bali Spa & The Westin Bali Gym, as well as sold by major yoga houses throughout Jakarta and Bali.

However, one of Priscilla’s key goals in creating CUCA is to provide a high-quality, yet affordable yoga-inspired products to a wider-audience. “Yoga was often associated as the sport for the upper-class. I wanted to change that perception; that yoga can be everyone’s vehicle to reach a more fulfilled life.”

Priscilla realized that in order to reach that goal, CUCA must be distributed by tier-1 retailers with national level distribution power. However, no Indonesian major retailer in 2012 was willing to take a chance in taking in an “untested” home-grown brand. “Every major retailer I spoke to would ask me which national retailer has carried our product. It was a chicken-and-egg situation in which no one was willing to be the 1st one take a chance on us, and in the end, they all passed”.

This setback, however, did not deter Priscilla from aiming for the stars! “I decided to shift my attention to the market outside of Indonesia and to keep banging on the doors of tier-1 retailer.” The hard work and the perseverance finally paid off when the largest sporting goods retailer in Malaysia decided to place a small order to test the market. “When they asked me which Tier-1 Retailer has carried our product, my heart sank. I told them the truth that CUCA at that point was carried only by yoga houses. However, their answer was beyond my wildest imagination. They told me that they wanted to be the first one!”

And the rest was history! CUCA Eco-Care Mat became an instant success in Malaysia, covered by major publications (including Berita Harian Malaysia) on its launching, and the sales figure was solid enough to convince the sporting goods retailer to become CUCA’s distributor in Malaysia, 3 months after they placed their 1st order. This result, in turn, paved the way for CUCA to be carried by other tier-1 retailer in other markets including the Philippines, and finally, Indonesia.

In 2.5 years, CUCA Eco Care Mat has become the preferred choice for yogis / yoginis in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, and Zimbabwe; distributed by top-tier retailers across the countries. In addition, CUCA Eco-Care Mat was endorsed by Fitness First Indonesia & Philippines, True Fitness Malaysia, as well as selected as the yoga mat partner for the largest yoga event in Indonesia (AXA Mandiri Yoga Bersama 2015), and MNC Channel Jakarta Yoga Festival 2015.

Empowering Forward: CUCA Yoga-Inspired Activewear

Following up the Success of CUCA Eco-Care Mat, CUCA expanded its product line to include Yoga-Inspired Activewear, in accordance with CUCA’s mission to provide high-performance, chic, eco-friendly, yet affordable yoga-inspired products.

CUCA Yoga-Inspired Activewear focuses on 2 key aspects; chic design to provide zest to your active life, and high-performance specifications to ensure maximum comfort & durability. We believe that an active life is the key to an empowered and happy life, therefore we strive to create activewear that will optimize your exercise experience; be it high-energy & sweaty, or calm & collected.

CUCA Yoga-Inspired Activewear is 100% made in Indonesia. “We sourced the raw material in Indonesia, and manufactured our Activewear in Indonesia. In the tags that come with our Activewear, we printed in large font and in bold that our activewear is PROUDLY MADE IN INDONESIA” We want to show to the world that a world-class active-lifestyle brand can emerge from Indonesia.

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