Happy-go-Lucky House ⎟ The Pioneer of Concept Store in Indonesia

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Happy-go-Lucky House is the place for Indonesian young emerging designers in showing and selling their creations, focusing on fashion stuffs like apparels, shoes, bags, and accessories. Furthermore Happy-go-lucky also carry some international brand as our fulfillment for our customer’s needs. 

This house implements consignment system in sharing revenue with their vendors, 35 percent of each product. Surely, the vendors will get lots of benefit joining Happy-go-Lucky House. 
First → vendors obviously can show off and sell their products in store and on website that have been provided. 
Second → several well-trained sales attendants are hired to be responsible to keep and promote vendor’s products in daily sales activities. 
Third  social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Webstore created by Happy-go-Lucky House will support promotion activities that can boost vendor’s sales. 
Last but not least, vendors are allowed to offer partnership in launching their collections by creating event or party that will be organized by both sides. These events will be covered by media partnership, such as radio, magazine, and website.

From the customer’s side, Happy-go-Lucky gives benefit in serving latest collections of Indonesian and international emerging brands and designers. So far, this house also provides shoes collections from Melissa, one of international shoes brands and Cambridge satchel from England. 

Target Market

Happy-go-Lucky House is targeting their market for male and female people around 12 - 27 years old. Most of them live in Bandung and Jakarta. Most of all, customers of Happy-go-Lucky House are female because most of our goods sold are addressed for female customers. In average, most of customers come from middle up economy class with approximately Rp3.00.000 minimum incomes a month. For some of customers, their income still comes from their parents since they are still studying in high school or university. 

For post-graduate customers, there are several of them that already have a job so they have an income created by themselves. This kind of customers may be has higher income than students, but their maturity can impact their selectiveness in buying a product.

Talking about their lifestyle, Happy-go-Lucky House customers are a fashionable and brand-minded. Most of them know many local and international brands. They are also being up to date about the latest trends and noticing fashion items that are happening at the moment. An appealing appearance is important for them that in exchange, they are willing to buy fashion stuffs that can make them feel confidence and appreciated by their society. 
As Indonesian people who are thinking that status among the society is an essential thing, what their societies think about them is highly influence in deciding what to buy and what to wear. Therefore, providing the newest fashion items and popular brands are really required in order to gain more sales.

Furthermore, most of Happy-go-Lucky customers are using smart phone to make their daily communication easier. Almost of all the customers use Blackberry and some of them even use two phones. 
Now a day, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPhone, and iPod are common gadget that used by Happy-go-Lucky customers. All of those gadgets have browser feature that allow them to access fashion things wherever and whenever they want. In addition, customers also have social media

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Happy-go-Lucky House now a days is run by three people; Ciccha Hudaya (@cicchahudaya), Saadiah Adzani (@saadiahadzani) and Atchie (@atchieatchie) as the owner. 
Happy-go-Lucky House is also powered by four SuperTeam personnel as its sales attendants.

Address : Jl.Ciliwung no.14 Bandung 40114 West Java Indonesia
Ph/fax: +62 22 723 4162
Email : info@hglhouse.com
 Instagram & Twitter: @HGLhouse 

Delivery service for customers from outside Bandung city is also available.



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