IHAMARO - In Between Roots, Culture and Traditional Values

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The two sisters behind Ihamaro live and run the brand from two different countries, Yosi in Singapore & Irma in Jakarta, Indonesia. Although they spent their childhood in England and still consider London their second home, they both have deep appreciation and loyal love for Indonesia and all the amazing things this wonderful country has to offer, hence the decision to use the batik stamping method for all their base fabric. 

Ihamaro was born out of their love of bags, pouches and everything that can falls into that category. They're always buying these things and in the end decided to come up with their own line and launched Ihamaro last April. 

"The name Ihamaro came from our Mum. We were looking for a name that best represents our bespoke products and Mum suggested we go back to our roots and use our family name as we are the only family that we know of in the whole of Indonesia who carries that surname. 
However, to make it less "obvious" and more "fun", she suggested we flip the letters from back to front and that's how the brand name Ihamaro was born" said Yosi & Irma

A little bit about their work. Their prints are usually inspired by their childhood and daily lives. The Dandelion is one of their favourite flowers growing up in England and the Laurel/bay leaf is a constant ingredient in their Mum's cooking, while the Weave was inspired by the art of cloth weaving which is a family tradition from their Dad's side of the family.

The motifs are hand drawn (either by Yosi or Irma) in their inception stage and then made into brass stamps. The stamp is dipped in to melted batik wax and handprinted onto their base cloths before it gets colour-dyed. 

The process is followed by boiling the fabric to lock the colour and at the same time melt the wax leaving the blocked sections in the original colour of the base cloth, showing the motif. The last step is to have the fabric washed and hung to dry and this whole process can take up to 4 weeks if weather conditions are good.

As for must-have items, all of the products are designed with beauty and function in mind but the Pouches and Clutches are very versatile and seem to sell out really fast. 

How to buy IHAMARO? 
Through Instagram : www.instagram.com/ihamaro ( ships worldwide )

"It is our mission to infuse our roots, culture and traditional values in all of our bespoke items and hope the world has fun carrying a piece of Indonesia with them"

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