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A home is where your heart belongs. A phrase that we just simply believes. On & On unite graphics, fabrics and comfort vibrant On & On is proudly made from Indonesia, we are born at early 2013 to bring a brand new atmosphere on your living.

Nothing is coincidence, we both met at office and we both share the same passion in Interior Design. Cynthia and Devi are basically graphic designers that love to explore the world of art. Our purpose is to apply graphic to products that we use everyday.

The name of “On & On” means continuity. We hope that we can continue to offer people in Indonesia more creativity and innovations through local brand. Most of our inspirations come from what happen now and what happen then. On & On represent the fresh-young age colors and trends. More importantly, we hope that we can make your living spaces more enjoyable. And far beyond that, we will help you “on and on” to call your place a home.


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