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SAMMA•|•RUPA is a project after years of a keen interest in macro-photography, patterns, and craftwork. The year of 2016 marks its first step into the market. The name is a compound derived from Sanskrit words: "samma" (सम्मा) which means symmetry, can also be seen as the stylized word from "sama" (सम) which means equal to; and "rupa" (रूप) is a shape or reflection. Equality and shape are the basic components of a pattern which is represented by the symbol on the logo, two dots and a straight line in between. Coincidentally, my initials appear on the brand name, which inspired me to put the symbol between the two letters for the logo. I see that pattern is a fascinating subject to explore and it becomes the characteristic in each product of SAMMA•|•RUPA.

If you ask “Why using Sanskrit?”, well, despite Sanskrit is an ancient language, it is also Indonesian’s ancestral language. No wonder Indian cultures are widely welcome here than other cultures. Subconsciously, Indonesians have a very close mental connection with them.

Products Range and the Making Process

Products offered by SAMMA•|•RUPA is everything that falls into everyday essentials category, such as bags, pouches, outerwear, and stationeries. I simply have no intention to make product specialty since the main theme is the pattern, which can be applied in various items. Each product release will have different pattern as general theme. 

The product of the first series is bucket bag with patterns inspired from two different themes: Kurbits and Blue Delft. Kurbits is a folk ornament commonly used in Sweden, while Blue Delft is signature pottery style from Netherlands.

The illustration was created first traditionally by hand and further processed digitally. It was printed on canvas and later combined with cowhide leather to make the bag which was crafted by the local
Having experience as a customer, I notice that mostly packaging comes with excessive
disposable plastic bag and wrapping paper that I think quite inefficient and wasted. For that reason I
decided to adopt eco-friendly concept for the packaging of SAMMA•|•RUPA, which I designed and
sewed it myself. 

The first series bags are each packaged into a tote bag made from burlap fabric with PE Foam inner to protect the object inside from wet and shock during delivery process.  More than just packaging, customers can certainly use it as shopping bag or document bag for as long as it still lasts. They can also choose to recycle the tote bag into their own handicraft.

Must Item

Each series has selected exclusive patterns with limited quantity. For the Alpha series, the price for a bag is Rp 463.000. Make sure you get one of the bucket bags with your choice of pattern, be that the
Swedish Kurbits or Blue Delft; because one pattern will not be printed twice.

Visit the online display at

To purchase the bucket bag, please choose one of the contacts below

WhatsApp : +6282298087323

Line : @sammarupa

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