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WULF.I that stands for Wear Ur Love For Indonesia is a local brand found in mid 2015. This brand is born through the love of Ms Cindy Lawrensia towards fashion and Indonesia's culture. The trademark of WULF.I is often seen in their products which usually is mixed with a touch of 'batik' in their pieces. 

With the concept of comfort, edgy, and a touch of modern ethnic twist, this brand is offering an affordable fashion on daily basis for those fashion hunters. Comfort yet stylish is what this brand focus on, since what is the use of getting dolled up when you yourself are in a state of discomfort? This brand strongly believes that fashion is expressing yourself in confidence, and that, is the true beauty.

A must item in WULF.I cannot be specified. Why? Cause all products have their own twist and their own style. Everyone is unique in their own ways and difference is what makes we all beautiful. Each personality will probably want different pieces in different colors. But don't worry, we got it all handled. Many color choices and many designs are available for you fashion patriots!

Simply saying, WULF.I is trying their best to fullfill the thirst of woman in fashion. WULF.I's main slogan is that 'We offer the best quality, in its best price, and best service'. With easy returns and exchange if it don't fit, or simply it doesn't suit you, lots and lots of fashion campaigns, blogging their customers, we got it all on hand. Catch our updates from our website www.wulfistore.com / instagram @wulf.i  

psst.. we often sell our pieces at bazaars too, and news about it will be posted on instagram.


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