PATTENT GOODS - Pleasure and Joy Through Your Socks

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PATTENT GOODS presents their visual goods for everyone. As long as they shared the same joy of craving wonderful creation from every micro inch of cotton, blended and curated by its truest creator, the man behind Pattent knows exactly how to make something good for the eyes of the bearer or for they who love the modesty of a creative lifestyle.

Inside each lifestyle, PATTENT GOODS supports the visual amusement in getting attention, they made the best possible goods for you to wear and enjoy from time to time until the end comes and there will be more joy of us, preserving your love for our products.

Because too much never been too much, PATTENT GOODS stacked every lines and form a harmonized detail, pleased your satisfaction of getting seen by others because you never won't a lie for fashion, you want the best visual goods out there, Pattent exited to fulfill that needs.

How to buy PATTENT GOODS ?
Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 45C
Bandung - Indonesia
Instagram : @pattentgoods
Phone : 0811 20 5665
Email :


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