VOYEJ Fifth Anniversary Collection

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Fifth Anniversary Collection

“Tribute to great adventure and never ending exploration” 

The year of 2016 marks VOYEJ fifth year existence in Indonesia’s fashion accessories scene. As number five symbolizes curiosity, variety of experiences, and opportunities, those terms are often used to identify ‘journey’ as the heart of VOYEJ itself. The Fifth Anniversary Collection is made to celebrate the passion for a journey through five unique, distinct, natural vegetable tanned carry goods, personally designed by five VOYEJ founders. There are Cotton Duck work bag, Iron Ore key holder, Pine Wood short wallet, Oak Tree sleek wallet, and Copper Alloy camera strap. All available for purchase through official webstore www.voyejstore.com and STOW store at prices ranging from IDR 229.000 to IDR 3.299.000.

Firstly, there is the Cotton Duck work bag which accomodates the high mobility lifestyle. It fits for up-to 15-inch laptop and bundle of paper documents. Medium duty canvas as lining increases the durability and adds a contrasting tone with the leather. Secondly is the Iron Ore key holder, suitable for most new vehicle with built-in key fob. It has large opening to make switching between keys easier. In short wallet category, there are the Pine Wood for those who are into vintage Native American bi-fold wallet design and the Oak Tree for sleeker and more formal style. Last is the Copper Alloy, a neck strap with dual length adjuster and metal hardware features to secure your camera while carrying it around.

Each item are named after five integral materials in the making of the biggest clipper ship ever made, The Great Republic sailing ship, as shown in VOYEJ logo. During the Golden Age of Sail in the late 19th centuries, clipper ships are assembled from major components such as pine, oak, and iron. In the end, these different elements actually complement one another and become an icon for great adventure and never ending exploration. Just like VOYEJ Fifth Anniversary Collection aims to be.


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