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LAKAS was first established in early 2016 by a group of students from Prasetiya Mulya University,
whose main vision is to expand this subject-related project into a real-time business and compete amidst other local start-ups. During the first few stages of introducing LAKAS to the university’s faculty members, LAKAS has gone through a lot of ups and downs that include receiving feedback about the product quality and ideas.

However, with clear vision and mission in mind, LAKAS proved that this brand could fit in the market and compete with other local brands. On the day of its first product launch at Entrepreneur Day, Prasetiya Mulya University (January 16th 2016), LAKAS was awarded as the Best Business for Creative Product and Service Category and received the highest sales among other competing teams.

Today, LAKAS is available online and is actively joining local brand bazaars or events to expose themselves into a wider range of people. Offering peculiar products like never before, LAKAS
strives to be the answers to several problems which include today’s behavior of local market and
one of the most concerning environmental issue – the wastes of bottle glasses within the country.

In order to do so, LAKAS offers a distinctive type of decorative lamp that uses recycled bottle glasses as its main component. On top of that, designs embedded in the bottles are available for customization, where the customers may freely request the designs by only sending pictures or
descriptions. Any additional feature of this developing brand is that the lamp needs no electricity conduction to work, as it is known as a portable and rechargeable functional lamp.

If that’s not enough to indicate that LAKAS is one of a kind, then probably this will: every product of LAKAS is purely handmade, carefully built and managed by their team members. No
need to ask about the quality as one of LAKAS visions is to provide products with the best quality
and usage.Because as more than just a lamp, LAKAS will always light up your days.

For orders and inquiries:

Instagram: @lakaslamp

LINE Account: @lakaslamp* / diazcadizsa



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