GLITTERATI – Simply and Chic Style for Urban Woman

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GLITTERATI is a clothing line for dynamic urban woman. Captivating, confident and chic is the key of our contemporary collection for an easy transition looks from day-to-night activity. From casual to sophisticated daywear and evening wear, GLITTERATI is a ‘one-stop destination’ for the needs and whims of the fashion-conscious woman.

First, GLITTERATI is an affiliated company of CV Rajawali Cipta Mandiri Garment Manufacture, which has experience in fashion since 2002. Elizabeth Maria Lagarde, as a founder, had an idea to make her own brand besides running her business in Garment industry. So, with the experiences and connections, she try to present a high-quality, up-to-date, and competitive label with the name GLITTERATI in 2012. 
The name GLITTERATI means one who glitters, posses a shimmering quality, social elites, famed, fashionable, adorable, chic, and the beautiful people.

All of our products are self-manufactured, both from material selection, design, pattern-making, sublimation materials, sewing to fitting, by considering product quality, comfortable materials, and the latest trend. We feature rich textures that transition easily from season to season. We’ll always to update issued a variety of new styles every month and the selection of the model, we adopt the pantone color trends each year and four season themes which we have adjust with the Indonesian seasons.

Glitterati has three main collections, there is GLITTERATI for basic wear, GLITTERATI DELUXE for our couture collection, and MAHOGANY GLITTERATI for our batik collection. The third of collection have own uniqueness, GLITTERATI Basic with edgy, simply, and chic style; GLITTERATI DELUXE with elegant, classy, and sophisticated pattern on luxurious design; then MAHOGANY GLITTERATI with playful color and authenticity of batik cap who only made in Indonesia. But they are still passionate about designing for the woman who exudes charm.

As for must have item, Our new collection of GLITTERATI DELUXE “Les Papillons Bleues”, it means “The Blue Butterfly” who inspired by Cinderella Movie and our latest collection “Long Parka” or “Denim Dress” to accompany your journey.

Our CEO, Elizabeth Maria Lagarde, on “Les Papillons Bleues” Collection

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