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Beginning from friendship and same tastes for clothes, Astri and Fadila started their business in end of 2015. Astri , running food business as well (@ nikufoods.red),  has  the view that consumers should feel something worth buying as an art. Their meeting with Reza,  having experienced clothing vendor in Singapore and being coincidently Fadila' brother-in-law, seems like opening their business way getting easier. The three finally agreed to open designed-clean-cut clothing business. It is conveniently applied but has care in every detail of the clothes.


The name KATA did not merely come right away when they started the business. KATA appears to have two mother of languages, Indonesian and Japanese. KATA in Indonesian is an element of spoken or written language that embodies a feeling and thoughts that can be used in communicating, whereas in Japanese KATA (型 or 形 literally: "form"), are detailed choreographed patterns of movements practiced either solo or in pairs. However, the both has meaning that KATA is an early form, a first element, a foundation.

The designs and products of KATA.

The products of KATA include tops, dresses, pants and outerwear. The first season is neutral, inspired by the bluish sea water and grayish cloudy sky. The selection of materials on each article, beautifully designed, simple and remains comfortable to wear in two only seasons in Indonesia. The atmosphere of Japanese culture is undeniable as one of the main inspirations from the products of KATA  for the first season. Packaging of KATA itself is recyclable drumstring bag. Thus, the products for all consumers have the impression and message of "not hasty" and also functional.

now, we still work on our second season.see you soon.

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