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Globeandbag.com is a virtual project of Fabiola Lawalata and Noni Khairani, which developed from a long-term collaboration that resulted in our recently published travel book : #MenghirupDunia .

As the title might suggest, GlobeandBag.com will focus on traveling and shopping. This blog will highlight an unique local products from Indonesia, online shopping trends, seller/shopper profiles, and of course travelling, a favourite interest of both Fabiola and Noni.

This is a place for traveling and shopping lovers to find and share ideas, discover new places to see, and celebrate the big beautiful world we live in.

We hope this blog will show the balance of being adventurous whether you are going near or far. The catchy title aside, our true goal is live a life that is well-traveled and well-shopped.

Life is short, go traveling and shopping !

Meet Noni Khairani

Hi Everyone! My name is Noni Khairani. I am most known from my personal blog nonikhairani.com (a.k.a. nyonyasepatu). 

Currently I live in Medan with my husband and my crazy white cat. 

I love photography, traveling, shopping, and reading. 

My husband’s tag line for me is, “BORN TO SHOP, BUT MARRIED”;-)

Meet Fabiola Lawalata

Dear all, 
I'm Fabiola - the voice behind Jalan2Liburan.com - a freelance travel writer for many famous media in Indonesia such as Marie Claire, Elle, Kompas, Femina and many more.

I moved from Jakarta, Indonesia to Antwerp, Belgium in November 2007 and started Jalan2Liburan around the same time. Together with my husband, we fell in love in experiencing the world and travel often, and so far we visited 73 countries and 13 states of America, and I m proud using my Indonesian passport to travel. 


  1. Good Luck projectnya Mbak Febi dan Mbak Noni. <3

  2. Wuaah eike baru tau. Salam kenal Mbak Noni. Kalau sama Feby mah udah sering banget sapa-sapaan di blog :D


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